JAMBO Blocking Sled is an American football training device. Its purpose is to let player learn fundamental techniques and on-field habits. It is mainly designated for offensive and defensive linemen.



– JAMBO Blocking Sled consists of two major parts: a sled and a dummy:

o Sled – made of galvanized steel and aluminum; powder coated,

o Dummy – made of energy-consuming input covered with VINYL – a waterproof material with weight of 650g/m2

– JAMBO Blocking Sled is a specially designed construction made with great attention to details, which functionality and finish could compete with the market leading brands,

– JAMBO Blocking Sled is compounded of 6 pieces (each smaller than 120cm x 80 cm euro pallet size). It allows easier transportation and storing. All elements are easy to assemble and dismantle using only a few screws.

– The construction of JAMBO Blocking Sled provides long durability of the product. If necessary it also allows a quick and easy service.

– Thanks to its design the device can be used for both line formations – offense and defense. The adjustment between those two options is made with only one slider.

– Combining few JAMBO Blocking Sleds together into one huge device is also possible.

– You can also use the JAMBO Blocking Sled in the gym – one additional element needed (this option is charged additionally)

– The number and helmet painted on the dummy allows players to practice hand placement better.

– JAMBO Blocking Sled has all necessary warning signs in all hazardous areas that might cause potential injuries in case of misusage.

– JAMBO Blocking Sled can be safely used on artificial turf.

– Measures:
Height: 130,1 cm
Length: 288,2 cm
Width: 119,0 cm
Weight: 143 kg

– JAMBO Blocking Sled is delivered to our customers on an euro pallet (Euro EPAL) of
120 cm x 80 cm in 6 separate pieces (additional option of coach’s platform with a handle) along with all assembly elements required to put the device together and the instructions.


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