American Football FIELD EQUIPMENT in Europe

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STEPOVERS produced and shipped from Europe !

JAMBO Stepover is American Football Equipment, which helps team develop players skills. It can be used in various drills on various positions, so your team gets better ! Equipment helpful on all offensive and defensive drills. It allows you to improve develop technique and it can also help during blocking drills.

unnamedSTEPOVER is the most popular football field Equipment used in ALL American Football teams’ programs !



  • Size options:

o Dimensions 120cm x 20cm x 40/25cm

o Dimensions 100cm x 20xm x 32/20cm

  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long
  • The inside made of foam that absorbs energy
  • The cover made of 24oz. VINYL
  • The cover equipped with the zipper that allows you to replace the foam in case of wear and tear
  • Set of adjustable handles that allows you to use the item as a blocking shield
  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability
  • The availability of the colors must be confirmed while ordering
  • Personalization Available

Due to fact, that we manufacture JAMBO field equipment in Europe, delivery time takes less than ANY american equipment !

If you need more info about JAMBO Stepovers like pricing or any other, just simply email us at: info@jambo-equip.com

We also encourage you to see other JAMBO American Football Field Equipment: http://jambo-equip.com/products/


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