SHIELD – most universal equipment. Use it as you want it !

Blocking shield is one of the most used equipment throughout the world in various contact sports such as: american football, rugby, basketball, fight-sports (boxing, kickboxing, MMA). As shield is very universal type of equipment, it can be used to various purposes.

In American Football case Shields are helpful in blocking and all other offensive and defensive drills such as: hand placement, punching drills, blocking schemes, push and go drills and many more. USE IT AS YOU WANT IT !


JAMBO Shields are made of durable materials that make them solid and firm. It is a waterproof equipment that can be used all year long, so your equipment won’t get moisted. It means you can work on that for very long time and it will still maintain it’s quality. The inside of shield is made of high durability reclaimed sponge which absorbs energy better. Hit as hard as you want to and shield won’t even change a shape. We guarantee that ! Moreover JAMBO SHIELDS are designed with a set of solid and comfortable handles that allow firm and tight grip.


We fully personalize our equipment. It means you can choose color of equip and put your team logo on it, so it looks unique as you are for us !

As the price of shield is not high, it is good to have some of them in your training kit !

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